Friday, July 14, 2006

Fridays are special days

When I was in high school, Friday was my favorite day. Why? Well, I think it's pretty obvious! Because the next day was Saturday and I didn't have to go to school. This meant I could hang out with friends and I had two whole days that I didn't have to get up at 4:45. (I had early morning seminary)

When I got married, I still looked forward to Fridays. I liked Fridays for pretty much the same reasons I did during my teenage years. It meant that my work week was over and that I had the weekend to play catch up.

After I had Sadie, I quit working. I didn't think much of Fridays for the first little while. But now, I think I can safely say I like Fridays more than ever. I like Fridays because it means that Blake is done working for the week. (For the most part) Friday means that we will usually go do something fun with friends. Friday means that tomorrow I will have help taking care of Sadie. Friday means that I Shouldn't Be Alive is on. Friday means that I don't have to cook. Friday means the next day is Saturday and that I can sleep in. Friday means that in two days it's Sunday and we will go to church. These are all good reasons for me to like Fridays but my favorite reason is:

The door to our third bedroom (Blake's office) will be opened and I get him all to myself for two whole days. Well, not all to myself but you know what I mean.

Happy Friday everybody!


Sara said...

Lindsey, you're such a good wife! And I love that about you!

Anonymous said...

The "help with Sadie" comment hit the nail on the head for me. Just a little help brings a smile to my face.