Monday, July 24, 2006

Beach baby

Last Wednesday afternoon, a friend invited Sadie and me to go swimming. Another Mom was bringing her son but I had only met her once while she was pregnant. We were suppose to meet at 3:00. Since Sadie loves to swim, I decided to go a little early.

We got to the pool and headed for the children's area. I was sitting with Sadie in the shallow part when a women walking by caught my attention. She was walking her little boy around the pool. She was wearing a little black bikini and I must point out that she looked great! She was very tan. She was very much in shape. Get this, her stomach was flat! I was quite jealous of this women. She had gotten her body back after having her son.

After staring at this woman for a few minutes, my friend and her daughter showed up. The next thing I know, the lady in the black bikini walked up and started talking to my friend. Turns out, the women I had been comparing myself to was the other Mom we were meeting at the pool. Just great.

I ended up getting to know Mrs. Black Bikini a little better. She was really fun to talk to. I had a good time and I was eventually able to get over the fact that she looked like a swimsuit model.

As we were leaving the pool, I couldn't help but laugh at myself. What were the chances of the one women I notice out of hundreds of Moms at the pool ending up being the women I was suppose to meet?

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