Thursday, June 15, 2006

It really should be called football here...

So as pretty much everyone in the world knows, the World Cup is going on. Very exciting stuff. Since we have the cheapest cable you can get, we don't have ESPN. Poor Blake. So, the Spanish channel has become Blake's best friend. For the last week, I have woken up to Spanish, eaten with Spanish in the background, played with Sadie during Spanish commercials, and well you get the point. I thought it would bother me since I don't speak Spanish but it really hasn't. My favorite is when a team scores a goal. The announcer yells, "GOL, GOL, GOL, GOL, GOL, GOL, GOL!" for about two minutes after the point was made. Very entertaining!

I have watched my share of soccer games the last few days. These are my thoughts. The USA isn't good. Brazil is very good. Soccer players are whiners and they fake getting hurt just so the other team will get a penalty. Fans like to paint their faces with the colors of the team they are cheering for. Soccer is good to watch because there are only commercials at half time. Bad for advertisers, good for me.

My secret hope is that Trinidad wins. The realist in me knows that it will probably be Brazil. Maybe the American announcer was right, Trinidad didn't come to win. They just came to get as far as they can. Make sense to you? Cause it doesn't to me.

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Jacki said...

Thanks for that little secret about the Spanish Channel. Now I hear spanish morning noon and night! I am happy that Brooks gets to watch it though. He loves World Cup!