Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I don't think I every thanked you...


The other day I was thinking about my childhood. I remembered going for bike rides. I especially remembered you INSISTING that we wore our helmets. I remembered sleeping out on the trampoline and how you would come outside and look at the stars with us. I remembered standing in the front window waving goodbye as you were backing out of the driveway to leave for work. I remembered that Valentine's Day when the doorbell rang and when we answered it, we found flowers for all of us from you. I remembered Thursday nights watching The Cosby Show and eating chocolate pudding. I remembered the side pony tails Laci and I would get on Saturdays when Mom was working. I could keep going because I have so many wonderful memories but I really wanted to thank you for something that I don't think I ever really thought about.

Do you remember closing the gate to the backyard on pretty much a nightly basis for me? I slept on the first floor of our house. Every single night, I would look out my bedroom window to make sure the gate was closed. If it wasn't, I would call you downstairs and you would go outside and close it for me. Some of those nights you were already in bed. Most of those nights, it was late and very dark outside. But you knew that I was scared of someone getting in and you knew that having the gate closed would allow me to sleep better. You never once got mad or acted like going to close the gate was a burden. You never once blamed me for not shutting the gate when we were finished playing in the backyard. Instead, you would open the garage door, shut the gate and then come in and tuck me into bed for the night.

So Dad, I just wanted to say "thank you" for this. I never really gave this much thought. It was expected that you would close the gate if it was open. I never once stopped to think how cold it was outside or how tired you must have been from working all day.

I love you Dad!


P.S. Who cares?


Annette and Rick said...
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Annette and Rick said...

It was my pleasure to close the gate for you. Protecting those you love is an easy thing to do. Thanks for the many great memories, thanks for the thanks, and you're welcome. I love you, too-- and I do!

Lexia said...

That's so nice. And I care too, because had your dad not closed the gate, what if something would have happened to you? Then you wouldn't be in our family!!! Whew, thank goodness for that gate. Hey, I have a gate on my window!

Anonymous said...

I was just browsing random blogs and came across this. It makes me want to go give my dad a huge hug and say thank you. Thanks for reminding us to stop and take a look back and be grateful.