Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Morning Routine

Today as I was sweating to death while blow drying my hair I thought of something:

Blake's morning routine:
1. Grab a few granola bars and milk.
2. Shave (when I'm lucky)
3. Take a 3 minute shower.
4. Dry off.
5. Put deodorant on.
6. Put gel in his hair.
7. Put clothes on.
8. Brush teeth.
Ready to go!

My morning routine:
1. Brush my teeth.
2. Pluck my eyebrows and any other stray hairs I can find.
3. Get in the shower.
4. Wash my face.
5. Wash my hair.
6. Put conditioner in my hair.
7. Shave my armpits while my hair is being conditioned.
8. Shave my legs. (every other day)
9. Rinse the conditioner out.
10. Run my fingers through my hair to make sure all the dead ones are out.
11. Get out of the shower and dry off.
12. Blow my nose.
13. Put chapstick on.
14. Put lotion on.
15. Put my contacts in.
16. Put mascara on.
17. Put lotion on my face.
18. Clean my ears out.
19. Wipe the masacara off that missed my eyelashes.
20. Brush my wet hair.
21. Put deodorant on.
22. Put clothes on.
23. Blow dry my hair.
24. Straighten and curl my hair.
25. Spray some perfume on my shirt.
26. Put eye shadow on.
27. Put more chapstick on.
28. Put more lotion on.
Ready to go!


Jacki said...

Girl sometimes I feel the same way... you forgot to add
29. pick out outfit
30. change
31. pick out new outfit
32. change
33. pick out a new outfit
34. change
35. pick out yet again another outfit
36. change again
37. finally but on the first outfit you tried on

That is my biggest burden!

Anonymous said...

Jacki, I never comment on my own blog but I had to say, "AMEN!" How could I forget these crutial steps?

cardlady said...

hahahahah Jax, you are too much! I only go through the same routine of trying on different outfits, when my clothes don't fit! Yuk! Which happens more often than I like. Lindsey, What a CUTE BABY! She is adorable. When are you going to put pics of your new decor up on blog? And the experience of finishing the last panel by YOURSELF! Mom Snow