Friday, March 17, 2006

Working Hard for My Baby

I discovered something the other day that reveals quite a bit about my life. I have calluses on my hands. The last time I had calluses was in elementary school from spending recess on the monkey bars. I use lotion several times a day and I don't do any yard work. So why do I have calluses you ask? Well, they are from carrying Sadie in her car seat. My conclusion from these rough patches on my hands is that parenting is hard work.

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Woody said...

This may not be your thing, but Summer and I had a baby carrier. (Not sure of the real name) This little carrier held Lily and Macy basically on our chest. The girls always loved to look around around while both of our hands where free to do whatever. I saw one at Target for $19.99.
It is well worth the cost.

Here is a link.

Take care of those hands.