Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring is in the air...or is it?

Happy first day of Spring! I have been looking forward to this day well, since the first day of winter. That's a bit of exaggeration but let's just say that I have been anxiously awaiting warm weather! Just because today is the first day of Spring, doesn't mean Mother Nature is going to bless us with heat. Yes, it's sunny but it's still VERY cold in the city of Provo, Utah. In fact, we woke up to snow on the ground yesterday.

I go through a special routine just about every year. I wake up one morning in March and decide it's time to pull out my spring clothes. I shave my legs and get a little embarrassed about how white they are before putting on my capris. The only problem is that it's usually not quite warm enough for my attire. This year is no different. On Saturday, we went apartment shopping. It was a beautiful sunny day so I decided to wear a short sleeve shirt, capris and flip flops. Let me tell you that sun was deceiving! I was freezing the whole day! Today I am back in my jeans and long sleeve shirt. How disappointing. I heard on the news today that we are still in for some more snow!!!

The sun is shining today so I can't complain too much. One thing I am sure excited for is going on a picnic. I guess it will have to wait until the grass thaws out!

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Sara said...

We are so similar, Lindsey -- I was thisclose to blogging about the first official day of spring. Who writes about that?!?

I'm glad when winter comes, though. I'd much rather be cold than hot. It makes me sad to know that summer is coming. And that's basically how it happens in Georgia. Almost as soon as it starts warming up, it gets hot. Not just hot, but ho-ot.