Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Music to My Ears

One of my favorite sounds is someone typing on a keyboard. Even better...listening to myself type! I thought I was so cool when I was first learning how to type with my fingers on the "home row." There is something so official and sophisticated sounding about fingers tapping on the keys.

This leads me to a thought about learning how to type. My teacher was so strict about our posture and form. I laugh to myself as I am in bed with my head propped up by my pillow and the laptop resting on my legs. My teacher wouldn't give me a passing grade if she saw me like this!

This brings me to something else. Wireless keyboards. What is the point of these? Maybe so I can cook dinner and check my e-mail at the same time? I can see it now...I'm stirring the rice while reading a forward. Nice. Or wait, how about blogging from the toilet? Even better.

Back to my original thought. What are some of your favorite sounds?


Blake said...

I agree. There is something very sophisticated about keyboard typing. If productivity were a sound, it would be a typing keyboard.

Sara said...

I've always loved the sound, too. Typing makes me happy. (See my blog description.) My Apple keyboard at work sounds particular nice. Although sometimes I wish we still worked on typewriters. They sound great.

What are some of my other favorite sounds? Certain peoples' voices, popping my knuckles, crackling fire, rain, the sound tires make when I drive through a puddle, Forrest and Lucky's meows, and snow falling (It does kind of have a sound, you know.).

Judd said...

First of all, how is it that Blake's the pro blogger when I find your posts more fun to read?

Second, I never noticed the visceral attraction people had toward keyboards clicking until I started getting comments on that aspect of the opening minute of this little podcast skit my daughter and I did a couple of months ago, which you can listen to here if you have nothing at all better to do.

(Just listen to the first minute to hear what I mean.)