Friday, March 10, 2006

Little Miss Rolie Polie

Sadie is now 5 months. It amazes me how fast time has gone. She has learned quite a few new tricks in the last month.

She has just started eating solids. She LOVES them! This girl can eat! I started her out with sweet potatoes and she took to them well. However, we have discovered that she does NOT like peas, green beans or rice. I tried to feed her green beans this afternoon but she would not have it. She made the most disgusted face when I gave her the first bite. She wouldn't swallow and she kept gagging. It got to the point where she was dry heaving and I was afraid she would throw up. She won that battle. I gave up and fed her a bottle. Little stinker.

She can now roll over from both her back and her tummy. She has been able to roll her over while on her tummy for about a month but today was the first time she rolled over while on her back. It was very exciting. She stayed on her tummy for only a minute and pushed herself right back to her back. She has never been a big fan of being on her tummy.

Her hand coordination has really improved. Instead of lunging at everything with her head, she is learning how to grab with her hands and then pull the object towards her mouth. When I make the "smootching" sound with my lips, she grabs my cheeks and leans forward. It's almost as if she is trying to give me a kiss. So cute!

She loves to kick. You know when Sadie is excited because her legs and arms go wild. It looks like she is making a snow angel on the carpet!

She has truly found her vocal cords this month. She has started this high pitch scream. Her favorite time to do it is in the middle of church.

Sadie and I went on a trip together this month. Although it was very hard for Blake, he gave me a plane ticket to Virginia for Valentine's Day. We spent the week hanging out with my Mom, Dad & brother Steve. It was so much fun watching my parents interact with Sadie. I only changed about 2 diapers while we there. My Mom and Dad loved spending the time with Sadie. By the end of our stay, Sadie recognized their voices and would turn her head when she heard them talking.

She has grown so much! Her hair is growing. Her belly is growing. She has transformed from a newborn to a baby in what seems to be a blink of an eye. I love spending my days with her. It's nice to have a little buddy to run errands with. Her giggle is contagious and when she smiles, well, every part of me smiles too.

I love you Sadie Sue!

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Sara said...

Aw, I miss that little baby. I love it when she gets excited and kicks. Love it.