Sunday, March 12, 2006

I'd like to thank all of the little people...

Have you ever wondered what it would like to be famous? I have.

When I was little, I would pretend that I was a star. One of my favorite places to imagine was in the shower. I would pile my wet hair on top of my head as if it were in a fabulous up-do and then proceed to act like I was being interviewed by Oprah.

Sometimes, I would pretend I was a guest star on my favorite tv show at the time, Home Improvement. I had a huge crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas so I would pretend I was his girlfriend. I would act very dramatic and make sure there were plenty of kissing scenes. Yes, not only did I talk to myself in the shower, I would kiss the walls!

Now that I am older and much wiser, I no longer dream of being famous. I realize that a movie star's lifestyle is not as appealing as I once thought it to be.

I know I'm not the only one with embarrassing childhood fantasies. What are some of yours?


Sara said...

Lexi and I used to prepare Oscar thank-you speeches, too. I still sometimes think about what I would say if I won one, and I decided I would just say, "Thank you." Then everyone could just get on with the show -- I'd do my real thanking later by sending people cards and stuff.

Hm. I STILL talk to myself, but I don't know if I ever kissed my shower wall -- maybe I would've if I wasn't such a clean freak! :)

Jacki said...

I too had a HUGE crush on JTT! My brother was doing really bad in school so my mom canceled cable. I cried so hard because I couldn't see him every week. My claim to fame though is that he did come from my home town... well the one next to it.

Sara said...

You girls are so young! :)