Monday, February 20, 2006

Thank You?

I'm sure most of you have seen this commercial. There is also another one where two women are chatting in the grocery store. The first women asks about the other women's pregnancy but she isn't pregnant, just overweight. An awkward silence passes then out of nowhere, the first women blurts, "Thank you?"

Poof! The insult is immediately forgotten. The voice-over says, "It's amazing what a simple 'thank you' can do."

I really like these ads. Sure, they are way far fetched but they show how powerful saying "thank you" can be.

Something that I want to point out is that when you say "thank you" it needs to be sincere. The person you say it to needs to feel like you really mean it. For example, I don't feel real appreciated when the cashier at Target says, "Thank you for shopping at Target, come back soon." I know they are told to say this and that it's just part of their job description.

Saying "thank you" and really meaning it is a simple and easy way to make someone feel good. So, next time you receive an unexpected phone call, have your mess cleaned up when you get home or eat a delicious meal, remember to say "Thank you!"

So to all of you who read my blog, "Thank you!"


Sara said...

No, thank you for writing it, Lindsey. Your blog is great! Everybody loves reading it!

Jacki said...

Does thanks work? Like THANKS for the great post!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the posts and especially pics of my newest Granddaughter! Cathy Snow