Friday, February 24, 2006

No More Broken Toes

You have just brushed your teeth and are about to call it a night. You turn the light off and BAM! Everything goes completely black! You can't see a thing! Not even a shadow! You try to feel your way around but stub your pinky toe on the sharp metal post on the corner of your bed. Just how you wanted to end your day.

Has this ever happened to you? Are you tired of going blind when the lights go off?

Well, despair no longer because I have a cure for what I like to call, "Night vision gone bad." My Dad taught me this trick when I was a little girl. Right before you turn off the light, close your eyes. Keep them shut while you switch the light off. Don't peek for another 5 seconds and then open them. Wa-la! You will have no trouble making your way to bed!

You could always use a light that turns on/off with a clap of your hands but I have never been able to find a very attractive lamp with this feature so I have stayed away from this option. There is also just a regular night light but those are for the little people.

So in conclusion, the shutting of the eyes method is defiantly the way to go! Now that you will have perfect vision seconds after turning off the light, the boogie man has no chance!

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