Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I love gum. One of my favorite past times is to try new flavors of gum. I can't help it...while I'm waiting in the long, slow check out lines at Walmart, I have no choice but to look at the strategically placed counter of gum. Some of my previous favorites have been pina colada and green apple. The other day, I stumbled upon yet another new flavor...Cool Watermelon. It's delicious! Mint will always be the way to go after dinner or when you just need to freshen up but when I'm looking for a treat, I will opt for Cool Watermelon!


Sara said...

I used to be an avid gum chewer myself. Then I got TMJ. I really, really miss chewing gum. I wonder if I got TMJ because I would chew the same piece of gum all day long -- like Violet Bickerstaff. I didn't put gum behind my ear, but I DID chew it until it was so hard I couldn't chew it anymore.

My favorite gum was Big Red and Trident Original. I guess my favorite "fun gum" was grape Bubble Yum and that bubble tape stuff.

Darn you, cursed jaw.

Woody said...

When it comes to gum I do not experiment. I am satisfied with with my Trident Original gum. It has been my gum of choice for years. When I do have to get a different gum it is always dissapointing. I have been chewing Orbit gum (code name for Wrigley's Big Red) a little because Summer bought a family pack; however, it gets hard and looses its flavor to quickly. These two things are most important to me.