Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Ball Kicked My Trash

After Sadie was born, I didn't have any clothes that fit me. This is when I decided to exercise. I ran everyday for about a month. This worked out well because Blake worked at home so he could watch Sadie while I was gone. The weather got cold and I lost my motivation. I was wearing maternity clothes for about 2 months after she was born. Talk about depressing...

After we got home from Georgia, I didn't have any motivation to exercise. Actually, I started to crave sweets more and more. When I went grocery shopping in January, I did not buy a single treat. This was huge for me. I craved sweets all of the time but since I didn't have any in the house, I had to decide if I wanted them bad enough to go out and buy one. I am ashamed to say that I have sent Blake out to the neighboring apartment complex to raid their vending machines.

A few nights ago, I remembered about the exercise ball and DVD that I bought way before I was pregnant. The DVD is called B.L.T. (butt, legs & tummy) I was thrilled because these are the areas of my body that prevent my old jeans from buttoning. It was packed in one of the many boxes in our coat closet. The next day, it took me about a hour to go through the boxes and find my exercise paraphernalia. It took me another hour to pump up the ball and I was set. I put Sadie in her bouncy chair while my DVD loaded and the next thing I knew, I was sweating, out of breath and light headed. I could not believe how out of shape I was. (and still am) I couldn't finish any of the exercises. I finally gave up because Sadie started crying and needed a nap.

The last day I used my exercise ball was Friday and my muscles are still sore. I like when my muscles are sore after working out because it makes me feel like I am getting skinnier. Who knows if this is really true but it makes me feel good! So, the moral of this post is that it is surprising how an oversized four-square ball can be used as such an effective piece of workout equipment.


Woody said...

We have three of these siting in our living room. You mean you can actual use them to work out with. I will have to do some research on this. (hehe)

Jacki said...

I just did a workout with the ball about two weeks ago... who would of thought that something filled with AIR would be so great to work out with? Keep up the good work Lindz! You are a good woman!!