Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I haven't posted anything in awhile because I have had a hard time thinking about something to write. My life has been pretty simple the last few days. I did start working again at night after Sadie is in bed. It has worked out well. I have enjoyed sitting on the couch with the company laptop while Blake is on our computer. We listen to music. I think he has liked the time to be on the computer without me nagging him to get off. Just tonight he said that the computer is "his form of crack."

Sadie is getting a belly and is just finding her hands. It is so cute to watch. She gets this really intense look and stares at her hands while she clasps them together. I look forward to giving her a bath because she loves them. She has figured out how to kick her legs to splash the water. She gets this huge grin on her face every time she does it. She has started to make changing her diaper more work. She can push away with her legs making it difficult to put her diaper on. I am having so much being a Mom.

As soon as I think of more to write, I will.


Sara said...

I had the same problem a few months ago. It was like my mind had gone blank. I didn't know what to write, and frankly, I didn't really want to write. It happens every once in a while. But just this week I've probably written 10 posts, and I'm slowly publishing each one during the week. You really just have to start looking for stories. Me? I turned to celebrity gossip -- that's ALWAYS a good place to start. :)

But as always, Lindsey, your post about nothing, as you say, was really good. An enjoyable read. And the picture is the cutest. I miss Sadie.

Blake said...

I second that sentiment, Lindsey. Even when you don't have much to say your posts are very enjoyable. Simple is a good thing when it comes to reading blog posts. Now back to "my crack." :)