Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Shout Out to the Northwest

I grew up in Washington. Yes, it rains pretty much every day but I loved living there. People ask me if you ever get use to the rain and my answer is, yes and no. You get use to bringing an umbrella everywhere you go and you would never think of buying a coat without a hood. But, it does get old waking up day after day to a VERY grey sky and walking in constant drizzle. This is a t-shirt I designed for my brother, Steve's birthday. The quote is inspired but Seinfeld. He currently lives in Virginia so I thought I would remind him of where his roots are planted! (no pun intended)


Woody said...

I need this tee-shirt for my collection, por favor. (Will pay for shipping)

Blake said...

"Hey, where did you learn to climb trees like that..."

- Cosmo Kramer