Sunday, December 11, 2005

My Journal

I was reading through my journal today and came across some of the things I wrote about Blake. I love reading my first thoughts about him. It brings back so many wonderful memories.

This entry is from Sept. 22, 2002. I had just moved to Provo and just barely met Blake:

"There is one person that I have loved getting to know. His name is Blake Snow. I don't think much will happen there but I have to write about my first crush in Provo. He's in my ward and went to Brazil on his mission. He's 23! Ahh! SCARY! (at the time I had just turned 19) We have hung out quite a bit. I love being with him and he makes me laugh! I'll keep you posted!"

This entry is from Nov. 3. 2002:

"Now for the juicy part of my life - Mr. Blake Snow. Where do I even start? He is the hottie in my life. We hang out quite a bit - he is so dang cute! He's from Georgia. He drives a RED Jeep Cherokee. We play tennis sometimes and he is actually pretty good. He's really serious about studying - I think it's so cute! He calls me Linz which I love. I don't see him everyday but it's perfect. He's not the center of my life but I sure do think about him a lot! :)"

This entry is from April 13, 2003

"I love being with Blake. I have so much fun with him. He has got the funniest sense of humor! He can get pretty crazy and I love it! Blake is such an amazing person. I love spending time with him - even if all we are doing is sitting on the couch. He makes me feel so good about myself - he is always giving me compliments. He is so good with other people - he gets along so well with everyone. He has strong opinions and he's not afraid to voice them. I really wonder what is going to happen...."

As you all know, Blake and I did end up together and as they say...the rest is history!


Blake said...

You forgot rich and extremely good looking lindsey... :)

Sara said...

I can't believe you put all of this on here! But I'm glad you did because it was fun reading about your early thoughts of Blake!

Anonymous said...

You're so bold to put your journal entries online! Your posts are so personal and interesting to read.

Woody said...

Are you sure we are talkin' about the same Blake?