Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Laci, Eric, Blake and I have had a joke going on about how trashy the sweat pants are that have words printed on the butt. We always say how funny it would be to see a guy strutting around in a pair of pants with "Juicy" written on his behind. Well, Laci and Eric took it one step further. They put the joke into action and for Christmas gave Blake a pair of pajamas with "Juicy" plastered on the butt! Of course he wears them to bed now and I think he secretly really enjoys it! They also gave me a pair with "Angel" on the back and Sadie even got a pair with "Sexy" on her behind! What a great gift Laci and Eric!


Jacki said...

I will say that i have a few of the "booty billboard" pants!! I love them!!! No shame in that game!!! I will buy Sadies off of you once Brooks and I have a lil one!! $1,000,000!! It is totally worth it!!

Woody said...

I could definately see Blake liking his new "Juicy" pants.